the Collaborative Health Innovation Platform.

CHIP is a powerful new machine learning innovation platform that will change how we source, and partner with, the innovation assets across multiple ecosystems. It draws from proprietary and open source data and delivers apples-to-apples comparisons of available health innovation resources to the stakeholders who need them. CHIP matches technologies and qualified start-ups with healthcare organizations with defined painpoints to personalize innovation outcomes.

The Collaborative Health Innovation Platform is:

Review the CHIP grant abstract here.

Like HAM The Astrochimp that led the way into space in January of 1961, CHIP’s mission is to lead us to new heights with health and medtech innovations.

CHIP is a solution

Being responsible for real innovation as a leader in health and medtech is complicated, frustrating, and disorganized. CHIP responds to detailed painpoints and delivers back personalized innovation.

Since the Fall of 2017 through SXSW in March 2018, the assumptions behind the sourcing algorithms in CHIP have been tested and successfully delivered customized batches of health and medtech startups to the American Heart Association, MD Anderson Cancer Center, AT&T, Merck, and a national coalition of leading pediatric hospitals through Impact Pediatric Health.

CHIP is a collaboration

Machine learning and AI are not enough. CHIP needs a community of thinkers, innovators, and executives to wildly succeed. Good people with great ideas have to be on board for the journey.

We will be adding interested collaborators to this group in the weeks following SXSW 2018. Advisory and insight roles will be custom tailored for efficiency and relevance to the community of advisors. Custom expressions will be available for those who are ready to jump in.

CHIP will get smarter

The first iteration of CHIP will meet NASA’s needs and source solutions for thirty-four gaps defined by NASA’s Human Research Roadmap.

The second iteration will find solutions defined by iSPI, a consortium of children’s hospitals behind the International Society for Pediatric Innovation.

Future iterations will meet the needs of interested stakeholders.

CHIP is a

THREE. In 2017, Rice University began analyzing data from startups engaged with innovation events produced by Energizing Health.  Experiments informed by this analysis were then put into the field to better understand the open innovation model.

TWO. As partners in CHIP, the Rice team are identifying patterns and results from their ongoing field research. These academics are the same team that produces the annual Seed Accelerator Rankings Project reported on by Forbes and others that grades the economic impact of business accelerators.

ONE. With the announcement of CHIP at SXSW 2018 additional highly qualified stakeholders are invited to engage as advisors as the research and assumptions are applied to a collaborative interactive platform.

Your Invitation to join

CHIP’s go/no go Launch Group

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Our Crew


Brian Lang

CEO, Energizing Health

Serial entrepreneur and startup advisor now building health innovation ecosystems that connects health and medtech startups with the best known brands in healthcare.

Specialties: healthcare strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, startups, business development, marketing and public relations.

Yael Hochberg

Professor of Entrepreneurship, Rice University

Professor and subject area expert on the venture capital industry, seed accelerators, and the start-up ecosystem. Managing Director of the annual US Seed Accelerator Rankings.

Specialties: Venture Capital, Private Equity, Entrepreneurship, IPOs, Seed Accelerators, Data Analysis, Health Enterprise Management


CTO, Careset Systems

Established leader in open data and digital health software solutions. Author of “Hacking Healthcare” from O’Reilly, and member of the congressionally mandated Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force.

Specialties: healthcare information technology, informatics, computer security, software development, and artificial intelligence.

Eddie Gonzalez-Novoa

Executive Director, Energizing Health

Fifteen years of nonprofit management experience in NYC and a champion of the national health innovation community. A leader in building ecosystems between health startups, large health providers and investors.

Specialties: nonprofits, social good leadership, organizational development, program development and management, and grant writing.

Daniel Lee

Postdoctoral Fellow in Entrepreneurship, Rice University

Dan earned his PhD in Economics from Georgia State University, and holds his BA in Mathematics and Economics from Emory University. He is a CEAR Scholar and was the recipient of a World Institute for Development Economics Research grant from the United Nations University.

Specialties: Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Public Economics, and Applied Microeconomics.
Funded by the Translational Research Institute for Space Health through NASA NNX16O69A

Dorit Donoviel

PhD, Director